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Stress Relief Oasis: Electric Helmet Massager

Targeting Tension Points

Unveil a world of relaxation with the Electric Helmet Massager, meticulously designed to target stress zones. Indulge in an oasis of calmness as its innovative nodes effortlessly pinpoint pressure points, offering relief from daily strains. Crafted for your well-being, this massager works wonders on the temples, crown, and neck, melting away stress with gentle pulsations.

Customizable Relaxation Experience

Personalize your tranquility journey with adjustable settings. Tailor the massage intensity, select varying vibration patterns, and choose from an array of soothing heat levels. Adapt the experience to suit your mood, whether it’s a gentle unwind after a long day or an invigorating release from muscle tension. Your relaxation, your way.

Luxurious Comfort & Convenience

Step into luxury and convenience combined. The Electric Helmet Massager’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit for diverse head shapes, enveloping you in sheer relaxation. Compact, wireless, and portable, it effortlessly becomes your go-to relaxation companion, whether at home or on the move.

Product information:
Power supply mode: battery
Control method: computer type
Gear position: 3 gears
Massage principle: Vibration
Color: wireless remote control 2880A
Function: timing, hand-held wire control

Packing list : Massager X1

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 210 cm

Remote control

Electrical outlet

220V US, EU


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